Conflict Management

Whether you want to learn how to stop fighting with a family member, discover ways on how to cope after bullying, or become more assertive, let me assist. To become better at conflict management, you ideally will become more calm/grounded, learn more specific strategies, and heal past traumas that are related (and holding you back).

When you learn how to argue effectively, you will reduce resentment in your relationships, which will make you much happier in your life.

Learn why you NEED to argue, the best ways, and understand your triggers.


Our brain is the most important Real Estate in the world.

What you think about, every second of the day, determines what you get out of life. If you are in a toxic relationship, you can become obsessive about what the other person said, did, and STOP focusing entirely on your own life. 

A great counsellor will search for signs of abuse and control. If they spot abuse signs, they educate and heal the client.

You can only focus entirely on your life, and not be distracted by many negative emotions, if you have healthy relationships.

Great counsellors will show clients who need help, how to have better boundaries, as well as improved, loving, and healthy relationships.