Relationship Therapy

Many couples often begin with a strong connection but find themselves encountering challenges they struggle to resolve independently. Seeking relationship therapy can be pivotal in such moments. Therapists conduct thorough assessments to uncover both conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns, as well as identify any underlying mental health issues or past traumas that may be impacting the relationship. This process creates a supportive space to openly explore these complexities, enhance communication, and collaboratively develop strategies to navigate and overcome these obstacles. Considering therapy could mark a proactive step towards fostering a healthier and more resilient relationship foundation.

The Honeymooners Forever strategy digs deep... to determine the following factors about you both:

1. Childhood history (basic)

2. Your Parents Relationships

3. How you currently argue / avoid arguments ie. Silent treatments, Yelling, Swearing, Put downs.

4. Have either of the clients had/having an affair?

5. Work hours / Stress

6. Children

7. Resentment?

8. Drug or alcohol issues

9. Mental Health Issues, such as anxiety or Depression

10. Communication styles

11. Patterns: Flip Couple, Dominating partner, Who is structured / spontaneous?

12. Control or abuse Cycle?

And more…

Great marital therapy is Goal Based

We will also ask what your goals are for the relationship. Relationship Therapy is very goal focused. We use Solution Focused Therapy, and much more. For example. We will also ask each of you to identify 5 x things you love about your spouse.

Not all relationships can (or should) be saved.

You may wish to make a booking to speak to one of our team without your partner, as you may be indecisive about whether you want to remain in the relationship. Once a person has reached ‘snap point’ it is harder to repair the damage to the relationship. Needless to say, we often find a client simply wanting answers, before they end the relationship. In this case, we could spend a few sessions talking, allowing you the space to investigate / clarify feelings. We often use brainspotting or Somatic Therapy to assist with deep subconscious blocks. This allows the client to make the decision from a grounded frame of mind, rather than feeling confused.

The problems won't go just by having Date Nights!

Many couples tell us us that they have been working really hard at the relationship, and having date nights. That’s great! However, to heal a relationship, people often need professional help. Date Nights are brilliant… But they are simply Not Enough.

Be mindful of these vital 3 x things:

1. What you are doing wrong.
2. What steps you need to do, every day, to fall back in love, communicate really well, and regain the sense of team.
3. How to argue effectively.

We teach all our clients all these things. Have a nice cuppa, set up your phone (for telehealth), and let us get to work on transforming your relationship. We aim to make the process as fun, and easy, as possible.

Hope to see you soon. We know we can work together to make your relationship amazing again!

How do we know? Well, if you both want an amazing relationship, then our counsellors will give you the tools…the rest is easy. We’ve seen these tools work over, and over, again…and thousands of clients and readers have benefited from these techniques for years. When your therapy begins, you will be mailed a copy of our book, Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide.

We absolutely LOVE helping couples get their relationships back on track… fast!