Phoebe Hutchison

Phoebe is a seasoned professional counsellor with two decades of experience, a published author of two books, accomplished singer, devoted mother, and the founder of PLP Solutions, an innovative counselling program providing simple solutions for life's challenges. She is passionately committed to empowering others to live their best lives.

A little bit of my story

Phoebe has dedicated her career to helping individuals and couples navigate life's challenges and enhance their relationships. Over the past 12 years, she has developed programs that have resulted in significant transformations for her clients. 

Her commitment extends beyond her professional life; as a wife, she strives to empower other couples towards their best married life through practical strategies outlined in her book "Honeymooners Forever”, a book of Fun and Simple Strategies on Improving Arguing, Communication, Passion, Independence, and Preventing Affairs.

In addition to her work with couples, Phoebe is passionate about empowering individuals to recognize their own potential and understand life's intricacies. Her book "Are You Listening? Life Is Talking To You!" encourages readers to harness their innate abilities and navigate life more effectively by listening and learning from their experiences.

Phoebe's dedication to mental health extends to a broader scale with the Passionate Life Program (PLP), which she has pioneered in Australia. This program, aimed at individuals struggling with mental health or lifestyle factors seeking to reclaim fulfilling lives, reflects her mission of making a meaningful impact on those struggling. Phoebe now actively trains carefully selected, trauma-informed, and deeply compassionate counsellors across Australia, who share her commitment to helping others.

Through her books, programs and training initiatives, Phoebe is actively shaping a better future by enabling individuals and couples to overcome challenges, enhance their relationships and achieve personal fulfilment. Every day, Phoebe's vision of making a meaningful impact on the world is steadily becoming a reality.

Qualifications and Specialities


  • Diploma of Professional Counselling 2011
  • The Australian Counselling Association
  • The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
  • The Mental Health Professional Network


  • Relationship
  • Counselling
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Addiction (Drug, Alcohol, Sex, Gaming and Food)
  • Suicidal Thinking & Self Harm
  • Teenage Issues
  • Parenting Teenagers
  • Indecision
  • Grief and Loss 
  • Employee Counselling (EAP)
  • Conflict Management
  • Recovery after Affair
  • Reducing Resentment
  • Anger Issues
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Life after divorce

Publications and Trained Therapies


  • Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide
  • Are You Listening? Life is Talking to YOU
  • PLP: Passionate Life Program


  • Person Centred Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Grief Therapy
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Relationship Therapy & Conflict Management
  • Childhood Development & Effective Parenting
  • Brainspotting
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems)
  • Somatic Therapy.

How can I help?

Forever Couples 
Therapy For Couples

Honeymooners Forever 12 Step Marriage Guide provides a simple structure to transform your relationship. Phoebe brings neuroscience to this simple strategy. Know what to do, and why you need to do it, to make your relationship amazing! Start today.

Forever Couple
Therapy Training
For Counsellors

Honeymooners Forever - Simple steps, yet Powerful Results!

Bringing Neuroscience to Relationships.

Included: Videos, Free book, Marriage Map, Articles and Diagrams

For Employment

PLP Solutions has a specially formatted website catering for clients in Job Agencies.

PLP Solutions has many agreements with Agencies across Australia.

Our program helps clients get back into the workforce quickly.

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